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Sustainability Assessment, Strategy & Consultancy For Business

Increasingly, fuelled by a growing popularity of sustainability consultancy &  assessment, organisations are recognising that Sustainability and Responsibility are key drivers in their ability to create real value, manage risk, and operate effectively. 

Sustainability is an intrinsic part of running a business well. Businesses, when they are at their best, provide a quality of life for everyone connected to them. For their customers, employees, suppliers and the wider community.

And if they are truly seeking to serve each of these groups through their products, services and actions – those things they won’t stand for as much as what they will - they will be naturally stewarding and protecting their resources and the environment and building a strong foundation for the generations that follow, through resource efficiency

We provide embedded and out-sourced solutions to meet the specific needs of our valued clients. EDP provides technical and strategic sustainability assessments and consultancy to enable ‘Deep Dive’ analysis of the operational and strategic challenges facing organisations. EDP actively develops innovative and cost saving solutions for people, technology, systems and operations.

Strategy & Policy

For any organisation to become a truly responsible and sustainable business, a greater level of leadership and engagement from the whole team will be required. Responsibility and sustainability must be core to, and integrated throughout the organisation’s strategy.

EDP provides a ‘Deep Dive’ analysis of both the operational and strategic challenges facing organisations, thereby bringing innovative and cost saving solutions for people and technology. 

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Stakeholder Engagement

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