The EDP Strategic Review


 The EDP Strategic Review

EDP's Strategic Review has been developed to accurately assess and quickly identify how robust your organisation's Health and Safety Management model is.

EDP's Strategic Review identifies the gaps and weaknesses in your operating model and recommends priority actions and improvements to better align your Health and Safety system to the needs of the organisation, and to close the gaps in Health and Safety management.

It helps to provide you with the assurance that your Health and Safety operating model is working effectively, and we are able to quickly identify the gaps and weaknesses in order to increase its robustness. The Review is a unique evaluation framework which is tailored to your specific organisational strategy and risk profile.

It focuses on three key-related aspects of Health and Safety Management: Governance, Infrastructure and Practice:

The EDP Strategic Review

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Putting this into context:

As owners, executives and senior managers of your business, are you able to identify the strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your organisation's Health and Safety model?

Following the new Corporate Manslaughter sentencing guidelines which came into effect on 1st February 2016, a number of recent prosecutions have brought into sharp focus your responsibilities, as business leaders, to ensure Health and Safety is being managed effectively in your organisation.

  • Are you confident that your Health and Safety Governance model provides you with the assurance you need that your responsibilities and duties are being fulfilled?
  • As a leader in your organisation, are you sure you're getting value for money from your Health and Safety expenditure and making the most of your resources?
  • Do your employees know how to identify and manage hazards and risks, work safely and respond appropriately to incidents and accidents?
  • Do you worry that you've got gaps in your Health and Safety Management model?

EDP's Strategic Review Makes Good Business Sense

The benefits of an EDP Strategic Review are immediate, tangible and of real value to organisations. From delivering huge cost savings, providing an accurate picture of compliance to identifying new areas of un-managed risks, the EDP Strategic Review makes good business sense.

Read how we reduced the cost of compliance and overall spend to 25% for a property management client (Case Study HERE), while maintaining high standards of compliance. Additional examples of the benefits and outcomes we have delivered for our clients in the last year can also be found on our webpage HERE.

If you would like to arrange a strategic review of your organisation's Health and Safety Management model, or to discuss how we can help you and your organisation, please contact Mark Haydock - or call our office on 08456 44 53 54.