IOSH has recently completed its five-year research into occupational health and safety and its implications for developing solutions that provide effective protection for businesses’ employees and their communities.

The investment into the research was to provide analysis on the ‘fitness for purpose’ of occupational safety and health (OSH) and the approaches to education, training and professional development, as well as the relationship between OSH professionals, managers and workers to ensure connectivity of the profession in the world of work and society as a whole.

The research identified that businesses and professions in the Health and Safety Changing World have to address a variety of challenges - from businesses needing to manage transient or disparate workforces to automated production and economic and political uncertainty.

Negative perceptions of health and safety were also highlighted as being more associated with the ‘public’ than ‘workplace’ issues – members of the public are more supportive of efforts to promote safer workplaces than interventions out of work.

IOSH executive director of policy Shelley Frost said: “…it is evident that health and safety is a stable system that is valued by business and the public at large. People do care that they and their loved ones are not placed in unnecessary risk at work. Our research programme underlines the need for the safety and health profession to be agile and open-minded in the face of change, and more confident in promoting the very many positive contributions it makes to our lives.”

We have provided links to three key IOSH reports we found to be of particular interest:

The changing landscape of OSH regulation in the UK (PDF)

Networks of Influence: practising safety leadership in low-hazard environments (LHEs) (characteristic of service sector industries) (PDF)

Occupational safety and health in networked organisations (construction, healthcare, transport and logistics sectors) (PDF)

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