EDP on the money for The London Stock Exchange

Embedded into the organisation to meet all HSES needs


The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is a leading developer of high performance trading platforms and capital markets software solutions around the world. EDP has worked with the organisation for nine years, providing health and safety management, environment and sustainability (HSES) services across its growing global operations.

Initially, EDP was assigned by LSEG to advise and consult on HSES practices within the organisation, providing ongoing consultancy support, technical services and training to ensure compliance.

Starting in an advisory and consultancy role, the relationship between EDP and LSEG has strengthened over the years. EDP now provides an embedded service where it fulfils the role of Group HSES management resource for LSEG, ensuring the effective delivery of HSES across the Group.


EDP provides a full scope of services, developed in conjunction with LSEG on an annual basis and reflected in a detailed HSES service delivery plan.

Its management of the growing LSEG portfolio over the years has seen EDP providing expertise in all aspects of LSEG’s operations. This includes the management of safety and sustainability communications across LSEG and the management and delivery of programmes of statutory inspections, risk assessments and building inspections across the Group’s international property portfolio. EDP also provides specialist support in the area of carbon measurement and integrating other sustainability metrics into LSEG’s annual reporting.

EDP’s directors regularly visit LSEG, providing business and strategic support to ensure ongoing compliance. In addition, its consultants work directly with LSEG staff to deliver the HSES service delivery plans and take care of the management and development of the safety, environment and sustainability management systems.

Other areas of EDP responsibility include contractor safety, the management of the Group’s international property portfolio, work force risk management, incident management and carbon measurement.

EDP is proactive in responding to international site needs by visiting site locations and integrating site requirements into the Group’s HSES management system.


Due to the effective management of HSES, LSEG has realised compliance, risk management and efficiency benefits.

The model that EDP first established around one business unit in the group (The London Stock Exchange) has now been recognised as the model of best practice across the entire Group. EDP continues to provide its strategic consultancy and technical support, including ad hoc project input.

EDP’s service delivery model has extended as the business pursues growth through acquisition, with international recognition by other London Stock Exchange locations in New York, Milan, Hong Kong and Colombo and adoption by other companies in the Group such as FTSE, Borsa Italiana, LCH Clearnet, MTS Bonds.com and Millennium IT.

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