We provide UKAS Accredited asbestos services which includes asbestos surveys, reinspections, air monitoring and 4-stage clearances. Additionally, EDP support organisations through its remediation consultancy and asbestos awareness training programmes.

As a UK leader in providing UKAS Accredited asbestos solutions, our asbestos services fully complement our property compliance division to enable our clients to benefit from a full range of risk management and compliance solutions across their individual building or complete property portfolio requirements.

Our large team of asbestos management specialists are located in Edinburgh, Stafford and London which enables EDP to provide full geographical support for organisations with national property portfolios, as well as those with individual property concerns.

From surveys to assess the risks associated with asbestos, to remediation management, EDP provides the right approach to minimise as much disruption and to avoid, where possible, any shutdowns and unnecessary removals.

Our Asbestos surveys, air monitoring and 4 stage clearance services are UKAS Accredited and we work with organisations across a range of sectors including construction, utilities, retail, education, property management, healthcare and manufacturing as well as SMEs, public sector agencies and local authorities.

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our services

  • UKAS Accredited management surveys to locate and risk assess the presence and extent of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs)
  • UKAS Accredited refurbishment and demolition surveys required to locate and describe ACMs within the building or area
  • UKAS Accredited re-inspections
  • Asbestos in soil surveys and consultancy to identify and manage safe methods of work for contaminated sites 

strategy and management plans

  • Asbestos management policies and plans
  • Priority risk assessments and re-assessments
  • Preparation of safe working methods
  • Project management and audit of asbestos
  • Accurate and detailed reporting for all stakeholders
  • Liaison with regulators and local authorities

air monitoring and site reoccupation 

  • UKAS Accredited four-stage clearance testing
  • UKAS Accredited reassurance monitoring
  • UKAS Accredited background monitoring where asbestos is present
  • UKAS Accredited leak testing during asbestos removals
  • Witnessing smoke tests
  • Commissioning of enclosure
  • Visual inspections

remediation services

  • Site appraisal including pre-acquisition guidance of asbestos in the ground
  • Comprehensive site investigations for asbestos
  • Strategy and project planning to minimise disruption
  • Guidance on management of controlled materials for onsite reuse
  • Comprehensive documentation for planning conditions and protection of future site users
  • Development and approval of site-wide remediation works

data management & software

  • Bespoke client software for dutyholders and estate managers
  • Instant access to online surveys and management reporting
  • Ability to track and update as a result of any asbestos changes to the property
  • Asset management and future-proofing

asbestos awareness training

  • Asbestos awareness
  • Duty to manage - appointed person
  • Asbestos in soils awareness
  • Non licensable and licensable work with asbestos
  • RPE – Competent person
  • Bespoke asbestos training

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