EDP hold IATP accreditation to provide accredited asbestos awareness training using our in-house asbestos consultants. EDP provide all other asbestos training using carefully selected accredited partners. Working with industry partners allows EDP to provide BOHS and RSPH accredited asbestos training.


Our IATP accredited asbestos awareness training courses are designed to aid health and safety and keep your business and staff fully compliant with the “Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012”. These awareness courses can be used as part of your wider health and safety training and we offer a variety of solutions aimed at different levels of asbestos exposure, disturbance and control. These include licensable and non-licensable work, duty to manage, respiratory protective equipment (RPE), asbestos in soil and bespoke asbestos training.

We have a range of training courses, suitable for all levels of people that have exposure to asbestos or need to manage and control asbestos containing materials (ACMs). These courses include the following:


This course is designed for anyone who is likely to come into contact with asbestos containing materials (ACMs). Whether you’re a Director, Site Manager, Roofer, Maintenance Engineer, Electrician, Plumber, or another type of tradesperson involved in the construction or demolition sectors, this IATP accredited course will provide an excellent introduction to asbestos awareness.

Providing comprehensive details of the dangers of working with asbestos, along with an overview of legislative measures in place, this course will cover the following:

  • Introduction to asbestos
  • Asbestos in buildings
  • The impact of asbestos on health and safety
  • Legislation including the “Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012”
  • Course evaluation and knowledge testing

Upon successful completion of the course, an IATP accredited certificate will be issued.


If you or your staff knowingly work with and disturb non-licensable asbestos containing materials (ACMs), this is the course for you. Non-licensable work consists of:

  • Tasks where the concentration of asbestos in the air doesn’t exceed 0.6f/cm3 measured over 10 minutes
  • Exposure to asbestos doesn’t exceed the legal control limit of 0.1f/cm3 (averaged over a four hour period)
  • Short maintenance tasks with non-friable materials
  • Removal tasks where the ACMs are in reasonable condition and are not being broken up on purpose
  • A task where the ACMs are in good condition and will be sealed for future protection
  • An air control/monitoring task to confirm presence of ACMs or to check concentrations of airborne fibres

Undertaking this course will help you maintain full compliance with Health and Safety and the “Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012” for non-licensable work. By successfully completing this course, attendees will receive an accredited certificate. EDP can also provide either full training or refresher training courses which is required every 12 months.


If you or your staff knowingly work with and disturb licensable asbestos containing materials (ACMs), there is a further layer of training that needs to be completed to comply with HSE guidelines and the “Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012”. Licensable work consists of:

  • Tasks where exposure to asbestos is neither sporadic, nor of low intensity
  • Work where the risk assessment can’t guarantee the control limit won’t be exceeded
  • Asbestos coatings
  • Asbestos insulation and insulating board where the risk assessment indicates the work isn’t going to be short in its duration

If your work falls into the above scenarios, you must undertake Category C asbestos awareness training to ensure full compliance and to minimise risk to yourself, your business and the general public. Upon successfully completing the course, with the assessments passed, an accredited certificate will be issued to the individual. EDP provides full and refresher training courses, along with any necessary practical training too.


Some of our clients require bespoke courses, tailored to suit their specific training needs. Depending on your company’s individual policies and procedures, we can put together a training solution to help your staff get the exact knowledge they need.

EDP can combine various aspects of different asbestos awareness courses. We can even provide our own certificates to successful attendees, so that you can keep fully up to date with the training and skills your people have.


EDP offers a specially designed course aimed at people who manage asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within a building, or those who work closely with the duty holder within non-domestic premises. If you fall into either of these categories, undertaking this course will give you the knowledge to help protect those who work within your building. This training also gives you the tools to help minimise the health risks that exposure to asbestos can cause.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Reasons to manage asbestos
  • The duty to manage it and all legislative requirements
  • Types of ACMs, along with their risks and potential locations
  • Survey information and how to use a survey
  • Working with ACMs

The course will end with an examination and successful completion will entitle participants to receive a certificate.


The purpose of this popular course is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to be able to competently perform monthly checks on respiratory protective equipment. These checks will be in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. Our training also covers how to record actions and outcomes in accordance with HSE guidelines for respiratory protective equipment at work. This course is particularly useful when coupled with wider asbestos training and health and safety knowledge.

Some of the key topics covered on our RPE courses are:

  • Disposable face pieces
  • Re-usable half face masks
  • Full face, power assisted and non-power assisted, face covers


With the redevelopment of many brownfield sites across the UK, asbestos in soil is becoming a much more common issue. The training solutions we provide are aimed at construction managers, groundworkers and other site staff. These awareness courses can help with planning for asbestos in soil, dealing with any issues safely and effectively, and also avoiding unnecessary disturbance to projects.

Key teachings to people who undertake this training will consist of:

  • How to comply with the “Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012” and EA guidance.
  • The avoidance of risks if asbestos is present in the soil
  • Emergency procedures and how to deal with emergencies effectively
  • How to decide whether the work is “licensed” or “non-licensed” and the correct course of action to take.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our asbestos training courses, including full training, refresher training, and examination, feel free to contact a member of the EDP team today.