Asbestos Strategy and Management Plans

So, what exactly is an asbestos management plan? In simple terms it’s a written document detailing the various measures your business is taking to effectively and safely manage asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within your buildings.

If you have identified asbestos containing materials (ACMs), perhaps via one of our asbestos surveys, The Control Of Asbestos Regulations 2012 make it clear that you need a detailed management plan, along with a robust strategy, to manage any risk.

Our skilled consultants, here at EDP, can help you develop your asbestos management plan and help deliver and update it at regular intervals. The idea is to effectively manage the risk associated with asbestos containing materials (ACMs) by bringing together all the necessary information and action points to keep your environment safe.

Some of the key things our asbestos strategy and management plans offer are:

  • A centrally located document containing all asbestos-related information.
  • Details of the locations and amounts of asbestos, along with a plan for safe working methods.
  • How the asbestos containing materials (ACMs) will be managed and monitored, coupled with an implementation strategy.
  • The timeframes that will need to be adhered to ensuring full compliance with The Control Of Asbestos Regulations 2012.
  • Roles and responsibilities of management and duty holders.
  • Training needs and a training plan of action.
  • Project management, a clear audit trail and accurate reporting for stakeholders, regulators and local authorities.
  • Safe Occupation
  • A body of information to inform maintenance and development activities

EDP can help you create the asbestos management plans and strategies that will ensure full regulatory compliance. The plans we develop and implement also helps demonstrate strong record keeping and will ultimately help keep your building, staff, external contractors and the general public safe.

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Air Monitoring and Site Reoccupation

EDP offers a full range of asbestos air monitoring and site reoccupation services. Our UKAS accredited air monitoring and four-stage clearance testing services are used to ensure airborne fibre levels are below compliant and acceptable levels. Our services aim to achieve the necessary results to allow a reoccupation certificate to be issued.

Some of our key air monitoring and site reoccupation services include:

  • UKAS Accredited four-stage clearance testing
  • UKAS Accredited reassurance monitoring
  • UKAS Accredited background monitoring where asbestos is present
  • UKAS Accredited leak testing during asbestos removals
  • Witnessing smoke tests
  • Commissioning of enclosure
  • Visual inspections

With regular onsite audits, it’s important that any air monitoring and clearance is properly documented as part of your overall asbestos strategy.

The UKAS accredited four-stage clearance process from EDP will cover everything needed to ensure the safety of your site and full compliance with HSE legislation. The process will include a preliminary site check, a thorough visual inspection, air sampling, clearance and reoccupation, dismantling of the enclosure and final assessment. Reassurance sampling is also conducted during the dismantling procedure to check for any further airborne asbestos releases.

Contaminated land and remediation services

Despite the ban on using asbestos materials in buildings, that came in to force in 1999, some brownfield sites, post-2000, could contain asbestos. Our experienced surveyors can help you identify contaminated sites through stringent sampling and testing. If asbestos is present, we can help you to identify risks and put in to place processes and procedures for safe working on these sites.

Some of our key remediation services include:

  • Site appraisal including pre-acquisition guidance of asbestos in the ground
  • Comprehensive site investigations for asbestos
  • Strategy and project planning to minimise disruption
  • Guidance on management of controlled materials for onsite reuse
  • Comprehensive documentation for planning conditions and protection of future site users
  • Development and approval of site-wide remediation works

Remediation services through EDP could save you time, money and help to avoid many health and safety implications. Our consultants deliver an all-encompassing project management solution which will help you unlock the potential of your brownfield sites in a safe and controlled manner.

Data Management and Software

EDP also provides data management and software solutions so that building owners and duty holders can have instant access to crucial asbestos data and information. We provide bespoke software solutions to ensure you have a higher level of control over your asbestos information.

Some of the key benefits of our data management and software solutions include:

  • Bespoke client software for duty holders and estate managers
  • Instant access to online surveys and management reporting
  • Ability to track and update as a result of any asbestos changes to the property
  • Asset management and future-proofing

By having all your asbestos related details in one place, you can easily share your information, gain instant access to the required management information specific to your needs, benefit from document management including supporting photographs, drawings and certificates and also be alerted to key action points within your asbestos management plan to help you maintain safety and compliance.

Using data management and software to store your asbestos information not only offers a higher level of convenience, it is also a lot more secure. In the event of an accident or the destruction of your paper/hard copies of key asbestos information such as your asbestos management plan, EDP’s data management and software solutions will mean your data isn’t lost and your records remain usable and up to date.