Exemplary advice, testing and validation services to ensure regulatory compliance

Demonstrating compliance with construction regulations and guidance is essential to a developer and building contractor. Building fabric performance, affected by product selection, detailed design and installation, has great bearing on a building’s ultimate performance in the areas of insulation, weatherproofing, noise transmission and fire resistance.

EDP’s building sciences team provides advice, testing and validation services for a building’s external envelope and fabric performance. We help clients gain regulatory compliance for their projects by applying our extensive experience of a vast array of building types, identifying and resolving potential defects at the earliest possible stage.

Bespoke solutions
Our team provides innovative solutions to construction challenges, enabling clients to meet specific requirements, and delivers bespoke services tailored to each project. By collaborating with clients from appointment to project completion and beyond, we identify and resolve defects as they occur during construction, post-completion and occupation stages.

Our consultants and testers have a great depth of knowledge and experience in building design and delivery.

Our building fabric consultancy services

Pre-construction phase

  • Project-specific guidance on drawings and specifications in relation to the Building Regulations:
    • Part L consultancy (conservation of fuel and power)
    • Part F consultancy (ventilation)
    • Part E consultancy (acoustics)
    • Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM and LEED assessments
    • Materials consultancy for insulation and construction products
    • In-house UKAS-accredited testing of construction materials
  • Specialist consultancy
    • Air leakage – identification of leakage paths
    • Assembly details
    • Accredited construction details
  • Specialist modelling
    • Dynamic simulation models (DSM)
    • Lighting impact assessment
    • Finite element analysis (FEA)
    • Moisture modelling
    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • Daylighting and daylight factors
    • Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)
    • Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM)
  • Bespoke calculations for:
    • U-values for thermal loss
    • Y-values for thermal admission
    • Ψ-values (psi-values) for linear thermal bridges
    • f-factors for surface temperatures
    • ΣTB for total thermal bridge
    • Surface and interstitial condensation risk analysis
  • Design guidance on insulated roofing and cladding systems (composite and built-up systems) and components
    • Glazed and rain screen facade systems

Construction phase/completion

  • Air leakage testing for compliance with Part L (UKAS accredited)
  • Acoustics testing (impact and airborne) for compliance with Part E (UKAS accredited)
  • Ventilation performance testing for compliance with Part F
  • Energy Performance Certificates for non-domestic buildings
  • Energy Performance Certificates for all domestic new builds (on construction)
  • Installation guidance on insulated roofing and cladding systems (composite and built-up systems) and components
    • Glazed and rain screen facade systems

Existing building investigations

  • Defect investigations
    • Insulated roofing and cladding systems
    • Glazed and rain screen facade systems
    • Failure of coating adhesives, etc.
    • Expert witness services
  • Survey and testing for hazardous materials, including high-alumina cement, calcium chloride and lead paint
  • Dilapidation surveys

Specialist testing and monitoring

  • Infrared thermographic surveys
  • Borescope surveys
  • Moisture surveys
  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Temperature and relative humidity monitoring and data logging
  • In situ U-values
  • Perfluorocarbon tracer gas air-exchange analysis
  • Ventilation performance using tracer gas
  • On-site non-destructive and intrusive testing/examination of structural components, including corrosion and durability assessment
  • Passive Fire Inspections

Overcoming complex challenges
Many challenges face a developer and building contractor, such as commercial pressures, time constraints and difficulties owing to complex and demanding building designs and specifications. Failure to achieve specified performance criteria and meet regulatory requirements can delay a project and add additional costs. Issues identified early can be mitigated.

EDP takes a proactive approach, assisting in the coordination of designs and specifications to avoid site issues and working with the site team to manage the quality of installation, subsequently reducing the risk of non-compliant work.

Wealth of knowledge
Owing to our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we offer wide-ranging services, including thermographic surveys and fire risk assessments. We offer consultancy services for cladding, roofing, building envelope airtightness, fabric acoustic performance and passive fire protection.

Our experienced team has a deep understanding of design and consultancy and can provide our clients with expert advice and accredited testing for building envelopes and fabric. We provide litigation and expert witness services, fire strategy reviews and consultancy and building envelope dilapidation surveys, condition reports and defect investigations.

Saving time and money
We work hard to ensure fewer delays and disruptions and minimise additional costs by providing comprehensive building fabric consultancy, testing and validation services.

Through early involvement and the application of our wealth of knowledge and experience, we greatly reduce the likelihood that a project will fail to comply with fabric regulations.

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