“COVID-19 Secure” Risk Assessments and Building Re-occupation Services

Responsible employers are developing strategies for the re-occupation of buildings and the operation of those buildings using revised working practices.

Latest government guidance requires that a “COVID-19 Secure” risk assessment should be undertaken by a competent person to ensure that employees are sufficiently protected whilst at work.

EDP can provide COVID-19 Secure risk assessments for your buildings and has developed a 5 Step methodology to demonstrate compliance and ensure that your workforce is suitably protected as follows:

EDP has also been at the forefront of managing the health & safety implications of COVID-19 and has built a suite of essential wider support packages for business to ensure that all relevant risks are considered and appropriately managed in order to enable effective business operation. Our support offerings include:

  • Preparing your buildings for reoccupation
    • H&S management plan for reoccupation
    • COVID-19 employee health tracker app to ensure that you are kept up to date with employee health status
    • Updates to Fire Risk Assessments to account for revised building operating models
    • Updates to first aid risk assessments and systems
    • Updates to existing task-based risk assessments to account for amended working practices
    • Development of new task-based risk assessments for COVID-19 control systems (e.g. temperature screening at building points of entry)
    • Design of social distancing systems
  • Ongoing management of business activities
    • Employee support and training programmes to ensure that employees are aware of the measures in place within your business when they return to your buildings
    • COVID-19 employee health tracker app
    • Revision of existing health & safety management system to ensure that they effectively take into account all relevant guidance
    • Ongoing employee health and wellbeing programmes to ensure that you have a happy and healthy workforce

Our experienced consultants will work with your business to provide practical, pragmatic guidance to ensure that your plans meet the necessary guidance as it evolves in these rapidly changing circumstances. It is vitally important to ensure that documented risk assessments are in place and EDP can provide a rapid route to compliance at a time when internal resource can be stretched. Call us today for a no obligation discussion about your COVID-19 management plans and allow EDP to add significant value to your business operations.

Homeworking and co-location working is here to stay. Is your business prepared?

As an employer, you have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as for any other workers. Helping your employees adjust to new working practices whilst maintaining productivity is a key challenge for many businesses and one that presents a new set of health & safety risks which should be suitable managed by any responsible employer.

At EDP we are specialists in managing the health and safety of people’s home and office workstations as well as providing specialist support to employees who will naturally be anxious about their new ways of working.

We can provide a comprehensive system for the effective management of your office and home workers (and those who work from multiple locations). Our services include:

  • Software tool for the self-assessment of each employee’s workstation, be it at home or in the office
  • Office and homeworker workstation assessments by specialist workstation assessors and ergonomists over the telephone and by video conference for those employees who have additional needs
  • Full suite of e-learning modules covering all aspects of health & safety for office and home workers
  • Wellbeing support programmes for employees
  • Risk assessment templates for other aspects of home working (e.g. lone working, first aid provision in the home etc.)
  • COVID-19 employee health tracker app

If you plan to operate a dispersed workforce going forward, please get in touch with us and one of our experienced consultants will discuss potential options for your consideration, identify potential risks and point out areas of focus for your business.

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