Managing and delivering across the board


EDP deliver health and safety services to Universal Music Group (UMG) – the world’s leading music company operating from over 20 sites in the UK, including the world famous Abbey Road Studios, and in 60 countries under brands such as Virgin, Polydor, Capitol and EMI.

The relationships started in 2010 when EDP was asked to undertake a review of the Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems in place at the London portfolio of EMI Music (a division of UMG).

During this initial engagement, EDP was able to demonstrate the value of a trusted advisor on health and safety issues within real estate management, contractor management and undertaking specific risk assessments at events, which ranged from staff parties through to the hosting of significant music industry events such as concerts and award ceremonies.

UMG required EDP to ensure all the company’s health and safety policy and arrangements were up to date and that UMG’s property team was effective in safety management.

EDP developed a strategy and service delivery model that evolved over time. From working for a UMG subsidiary company, EDP is now employed on a service provider basis by the UMG parent company, to give expert advice to the business across all of the company’s commercial activities.


EDP manages and delivers many health and safety services across the UMG UK property portfolio, from acting as a ‘Competent Person’ for the business, reporting into the Director with responsibility for safety in the UK, to undertaking specific risk assessments for indoor and outdoor music events and the recording of live music at concert venues such as nightclubs, cathedrals and outdoor festivals.

In addition, EDP leads the health and safety committee forums to ensure appropriate employee consultation and manages the process to ensure all life safety elements of the UMG UK business continuity plan are effectively implemented.

Foreign travel, driving at work, and fire and general risk assessments at all UK properties are the ongoing requirements EDP assesses and monitors.

To support this, EDP has implemented a software-based health and safety compliance monitoring tool, which provides up to the minute management information regarding safety compliance at each of the company’s UK sites, and which also manages DSE assessments for all UK personnel.

In addition to the service deliverables, EDP’s consultants have worked extensively with UMG’s property team to upskill them in effective safety management. This enables the company to manage many of the day-to-day issues associated with health and safety management, allowing EDP to provide more specialist focussed advice in UMG’s higher risk areas of operation.


EDP’s relationship with UMG is ongoing. UMG remain complaint across their full health and safety requirements and with EDP’s specialist advice and guidance, their internal team manage compliance and safety to the highest standards.

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