Comprehensive services to identify, monitor and manage security risks, ensuring assets and reputations are protected

We identify, monitor and manage security risks on behalf of our clients. We protect their reputation and their assets, providing confidentiality and discretion at all times.

We offer a full range of security services, enabling our clients to identify, monitor and manage security risks, protect their reputation and their assets and be ready and able to respond to incidents and emergencies.

Rather than merely offering a one-size-fits-all service, we work with clients to develop a service that delivers the correct approach for their unique security needs: an approach that develops with a client’s business over time and can adapt and respond to the fast-changing global security landscape.

Confidentiality, discretion and excellent execution are the key foundations of our security services, which are delivered by expert professionals with strong links to the wider security community.

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Our security services

Corporate services

  • Security strategy
  • Policy and procedures
  • Digital security
  • Corporate due diligence and personal vetting
  • Scenario planning and enactment
  • VIP security


  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Evidence gathering
  • Investigation planning
  • Witness interviewing
  • Due diligence

Disaster and emergency management

  • Business continuity planning
  • Extreme risk assessment and risk mitigation
  • Resilience and contingency support
  • Emergency management programmes

Event security management

  • Country and location assessment
  • Detailed situational analysis development
  • Contingency planning
  • On-the-ground intelligence and security liaison
  • Rapid extraction services

Facility risk management

  • Site security survey plan
  • Security assessments
  • Site-specific risk/threat analysis
  • Site security strategy development


  • Global resourcing solutions
  • Short-term secondment
  • Global network or resources

Our other services